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Give x³+12x/(6x²+8) =(y³+27y/9y²+27). Using componendo and dividendo find x : y.

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exam oriented an important question from ML aggarwal, class 10th, chapter 7, ratio and proportion, Avichal publication

This question has been asked in previous year question paper 2015.

In this ques we have been given the equation and we have to find the value of x :y by using componendo and dividendo.

Question 17, 7.3


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  1. Solution:

    It is given that

    ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 10 Chapter 7 Image 103

    By further calculation

    2x/4 = 2y/3

    x/2 = y/3

    By cross multiplication

    x/y = 2/3

    Hence, the required ratio x: y is 2: 3.

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