Points System

  • 20Points

    For Signing up.

  • 10Points

    For adding your social media links to your profile.

  • 8Points

    For adding an answer.

  • 5Points

    For adding a new question.

  • 5Points

    When your answer has been chosen as the best answer.

  • 1Point

    Your question gets a vote.

  • 1Point

    Your answer gets a vote.

  • 1Point

    Each time when a user follows you.

Badges System

  • Newbie

    Your mathematical journey has just begun. Welcome to Ask Truemaths!

  • Scholar

    You are a Math Scholar, that's all we can say. Keep learning.

  • Guru

    You are a Maths Guru! Make others learn the art of Mathematics.

  • Aryabhatta

    You are a Maths Genius. Our hero, who is making the world learn through his knowledge.