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Without actual division show that the following rational number is a nonterminating decimal 73/(2²×3³×5)

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One of the most important and exam oriented question from real numbers chapter in which we have given a number 73/(2²×3³×5) And we have to prove that the given rational number is a nonterminating decimal without actual division.

Kindly solve the above problem in detail

RS Aggarwal,  Class 10, chapter 1C, question no 2(ii)


1 Answer

  1. 73/(2²×3³×5)

    2 or 3 and 5 is not factor of 73 so fraction is in its simplest form.
    and, (××5)≠(2^m×5^n) in denominator

    hence given fraction is non -terminating repeating decimal.

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