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The taxi fare in a city is as follows: For the first kilometer, the fare is ₹8 and for the subsequent distance it is ₹5 per km. Taking the distance covered as x km and total fare as ₹ y, write a linear equation for this information, and draw its graph.Q.4

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Find the simplest solution of ncert class 9th solution of linear equations in two variables of exercise 4.3 question number 1(4). Sir please help me to solve this question in a easiest and best way. Please help me to solve this question in a simplest method. Q.4


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  1. Solution:


    Total distance covered = x

    Total fare = y

    Fare for the first kilometer = 8 per km

    Fare after the first 1km = 5 per km

    If x is the total distance, then the distance after one km = (x-1)km

    i.e., Fare after the first km = 5(x-1)

    According to the question,

    The total fare = Fare of first km+ fare after the first km

    y = 8+5(x-1)

    y = 8+5(x-1)

    y = 8+5x – 5

    y = 5x+3

    Solving the equation,

    When x = 0,

    y = 5x+3

    y = 5×0+3

    y = 3

    When y = 0,

    y = 5x+3

    o = 5x+3

    5x = -3

    x = -3/5

    x y
    0 3
    -3/5 0

    The points to be plotted are (0, 3) and (-3/5, 0)
    Ncert solutions class 9 chapter 4 ex-3 answer 4

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