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The radii of the circular ends of a solid frustum of a cone are 33 cm and 27 cm and its slant height is 10 cm. Find its total surface area.

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In this problem use π=3.14.

This question was asked in 2012 cbse board exam. Question from RS Aggarwal book chapter volume and surface area of solid, page number 823, exercise 17C, problem number 13


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    given data

    Greater radius = R = 33 cm

    Smaller radius = r = 27 cm

    Slant height = l = 10 cm

    Surface area of the frustum = π(R+r)l +πR² +πr²


    = [33²+27²+10[33+27]]π

    = [1089+729+1060]π

    = 2418×3.14

    = 7592.52 cm²

    ∴ total surface area of frustum is 7592.52 cm²

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