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The cost of digging a well after every metre of digging, when it costs Rs 150 for the first metre and rises by Rs 50 for each subsequent metre. Find wether the question is an A.P or not.

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The question given is from class 10th NCERT book of  Excersice no. 5.1 and question number 1( iii ). In the given question you have to find whether it is an A.P or not . Give the solution of the question.


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  1. Sol.

    Cost to dig a well for first metre = Rs.150

    Cost to dig a well for first 2 metres = Rs.150+50 = Rs.200

    Cost to dig a well for first 3 metres = Rs.200+50 = Rs.250

    Cost to dig a well for first 4 metres =Rs.250+50 = Rs.300

    Cost to dig …………………………… so. on

    Here we can see that 150, 200, 250, 300 … forms an A.P. with a common difference of 50 between them.

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