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Show how √5 can be represented on the number line. Q.3

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Find the best solution of ncert class 9th chapter number systems how i solve the exercise 1.2 question number 3 find the easiest solution of the question also  find the best and simplest solution of this question.Show how √5 can be represented on the number line.


1 Answer

  1. Step 1: Let line AB be of 2 unit on a number line.

    Step 2: At B, draw a perpendicular line BC of length 1 unit.

    Step 3: Join CA

    Step 4: Now, ABC is a right angled triangle. Applying Pythagoras theorem,

    AB2+BC2 = CA2

    22+12 = CA2 = 5

    ⇒ CA = √5 . Thus, CA is a line of length √5 unit.

    Step 4: Taking CA as a radius and A as a center draw an arc touching

    the number line. The point at which number line get intersected by

    arc is at √5 distance from 0 because it is a radius of the circle

    whose center was A.

    Thus, √5 is represented on the number line as shown in the figure.

    Ncert solution class 9 chapter 1-1

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