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Prove that Root 3 is Irrational Number.

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This is a very important question from NCERT maths book chapter 1 class 10 chapter 1 Ral number Example 9, Here in this question we have to Prove that √3​ is an irrational number. Most of the time students get confused between Rational and irrational numbers. I also got confused by the same question. I even don’t know what are Rational/Irrational numbers so how am I going to prove it. Please help me to solve this question.


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  1. This is the video solution for this example number 9 chapter 1 real numbers class10 NCERT maths. This is Method 1. I hope this will help.

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  2. This is the video solution Method 2.

    How we can prove root 3 is an irrational number.


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