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Problem 6: Find out which of the following sequences are arithmetic progressions. For those which are arithmetic progressions, find out the common difference (i) 3, 6, 12, 24, ………………………………

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One of the most important and exam oriented question from Chapter name- Arithmetic Progression
Class 10th
Chapter number- 9
Exercise :- 9.3
This type of question has been asked in previous years exams.

In this question we have been given the sequence and we have to find out if the sequence is in arithmetic progression. Also ww have to find common difference.

CBSE DHANPAT RAI publication
Understanding CBSE Mathematics
Question 6(i)


1 Answer

  1. Solution:


    a2  – a1 = 6 – (3) = 3

    a– a= 12 – (6) = 6

    a– a1 = 24 – (12) = 12

    Since, the successive difference of list is not same

    ∴ The given sequence is  not in A.P 

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