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In Fig. 10.38, ABC = 69°, ACB = 31°, find BDC. Q.4

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How i solve the question of class 9th ncert math of Circles chapter of exercise 10.5of question no 4. I think it is very important question of class 9th give me the tricky way for solving this question In Fig. 10.38, ABC = 69°, ACB = 31°, find BDC


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  1. We know that angles in the segment of the circle are equal so,

    ∠BAC = ∠BDC

    Now in the in ΔABC, sum of all the interior angles will be 180°

    So, ∠ABC+∠BAC+∠ACB = 180°

    Now, by putting the values,

    ∠BAC = 180°-69°-31°

    So, ∠BAC = 80°

    ∴ ∠BDC = 80o

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