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How many three-digit natural numbers are divisible by 7?

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This is the Important question based on Arithmetic progression Chapter of R.S Aggarwal book for ICSE & CBSE Board.
Question Number 22 of Exercise 11A of RS Aggarwal Solution
Here you have to Find the number of 3 digits no. which are divisible by 7


1 Answer

  1. The first 3 digit number that is divisible by 7 is 105 and the last 3 digit number is divisible by 7 is 994.

    To find out all the numbers falling between 105 and 994, that are divisible by 7 we will apply the formula
    AP= tn= a+ (n-1) d

    Where a= 105, d=7, tn =994

    Let number of terms= n, thus

    994= 105+ (n-1) 7



    n-1= 889/7

    n-1= 127


    n= 128

    Therefore there are 128 three digit numbers that are divisible by 7.

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