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A drinking glass is in the shape of a frustum of a cone of height 14 cm. The diameters of its two circular ends are 16 cm and 12 cm. Find the capacity of the glass.

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In this question shape of the glass is frustum. Question from R S Aggarwal book, Problem number 1, Exercise 17 C, Page number 822, chapter volume and surface area of solid.


1 Answer

  1. Given data,

    Height of the frustum, h=14 cm,

    Base radii, R=16/2=8 cm and r=12/2=6 cm

    The capacity of the glass=Volume of the frustum=[1/3] π h [R²+r²+rR]

    =[1/3]×[22/7] × 14 × [8²+6²] + [8×6]

    = [44/3] × 148

    =6512/3 cm³

    = 2170.666 cm³

    ∴ the capacity of the glass is 2170.666 cm³

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