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a, a2, a3, a4. In the question fist find that the given series is an A.P or not. Then find the c.d and next 3 terms of the A.P.

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This question is from Ncert Book class 10th Chapter no.5 Ex. 5.1 Q. 11 (xi). In this question find that the given series is an A.P or not then find the common difference and the next 3 terms of the series. Give the solution of the above Question.


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  1. Solution:



    a2 – a1 = a2a = a(a-1)

    a3 – a2 = a aa2(a-1)

    a4 – a3 = a4 – aa3(a-1)

    The given series doesn’t forms a A.P

    Because, the common difference is not same every time.

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