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Will boarding schools be safe for students after the end of this COVID-19 global epidemic?

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Hello, We Preparing our child for school after the end of this COVID-19. It is a nerve-cracking experience for parents. We are always concerned about the safety of our children, both at school and at home. We have taught safe behavior because they were small tots. This COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything you and I have seen in my lifetime. The virus attacks people of all ages. It begins to lurk in hosts and find new hosts through droplets hanging in the air. It rests on common surfaces such as doorknobs and stair railings. It spreads to her new host when he touches her face. We want to know how to send them away from home to a residential boarding school in the midst/end of a global epidemic?


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  1. Will boarding schools be safe for students after the end of this COVID-19 global epidemic?

    The whole world is in a locked-down state due to this global Pandemic – Coronavirus, COVID-19. Nobody had ever thought of such an outbreak. Countries like the USA, UK, Spain, Italy are severely affected with maximum numbers. India, which is among the most populous countries in the world. It is likely to expand until it is under control.

    Currently, everyone is at home with their family. But eventually, after some time, it will be over and life will return to the normal track. People will start going to their respective places, offices, businesses, and students studying in boarding schools will have to return to resume their regular studies. It is clear that parents and guardians will be concerned about their safety and well-being.

    In my opinion, boarding schools in India have an advantage to students in that there are safer places to send than a regular day or day boarding schools. Students in boarding schools are on closed campuses, with no direct contact with the outside world, so it is a more controlled environment than other schools where students are coming from different places. To come to school, they can take public transport or even a school bus, which is roaming in different parts of the city, which can prove to be fatal. One can protect one’s own child, but it will be very difficult to find out which days and places they visit.

    In this case, residential complexes are getting better control. Hostel rooms, classrooms, school premises, hostel premises, mess. To avoid such hazards etc. can be easily kept clean and tidy.

    Clean food is supplied in the hostel on time, this takes care of the student’s health and immune system.

    Doctors are available on campus, so quick solutions to any problem and low risk. Going to the general practitioner/doctor at this time can cause problems. Unknown infected people are more likely to come into contact. In the current situation, doctors and health workers are also getting infected, so this type of problem will also be less.

    While at home, all TV channels, newspapers, phones, everything is out of information about the virus and its associated dangers, effects, deaths, problems, etc., which is a major problem for sensitive children. While in Residential boarding schools, students stay away from unnecessary input of additional information/news. This will help them maintain peace of mind and their level of anxiety.

    Most of the boarding schools are away from the cities in a state of better calm and beautiful environment, which will protect the students themselves.

    Above all, the school management itself will take proactive steps to keep its students safe and sound. Therefore, in my opinion, students will be safe in boarding schools during and after the epidemic.

    An important precaution will be to check the health status of each student when they return, along with their fitness certificate. Keep a close watch on each one for at least two weeks for any symptoms.

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