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What is special about Woodstock School Mussoorie? Why do people say that it is the best boarding School of India?

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What is so special about the Woodstock school? Why is it called the best international boarding school of India? Please point out some instances that set the school apart from Other top class boarding schools in India like the Doon School of Dehradun and Mayo College of Ajmer. Also, what is the ratio of Indian and International students in the Highly-Acclaimed Boarding School?


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  1. Should I take admission to Woodstock school or go to another IB school to go abroad for higher studies?

    There is no doubt that Woodstock School, Mussoorie is one of the best IB schools in India. It grabs the attention of students from different parts of India and even from other countries also. Woodstock has given us many well-known personalities that prove how advance is the education system of the school. 

    Woodstock is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School having complete authorization for the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP) both. 

    The best part of the school is that it creates a culture wherein the students across the world come together & are introduced to new cultures. The school provides a great staff to its students that truly cares for the students in terms of academics and accommodation as well. The students get ample opportunities to develop their personalities by involving in different extracurricular activities. There are a variety of clubs and activities at Woodstock, Mussoorie. However, the students need to work really hard to compete with each other. 

    Talking about the teaching staff of Woodstock school, it has the most dedicated teachers who are capable enough to guide the students. The teachers here becomes the mentor of the students who are always eager to help their students in any situation of their study.      

    In India, many students have a dream to get admission in Woodstock, Mussoorie to be a part of one of the top IB schools in India. Getting admission to Woodstock is like a dream come true but very few students get this opportunity. 

    If your ambition is to go abroad for higher studies then Woodstock is an excellent choice for you. You can complete your schooling from Woodstock and then plan your higher education accordingly abroad. Woodstock, Mussoorie can worth it to fulfill your dream of studying abroad for higher studies.     

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  2. Woodstock is one of the best boarding schools in India. It is known for its international-level
    an education system that helps to shape the future of the students. The infrastructure, teaching
    staff, extracurricular activities, etc. makes Woodstock one of the popular boarding schools in
    the country. The students come for admission in the school not only from India but from
    other countries as well.
    f has given us many big personalities almost in all the fields like
    politicians, administrators, industrialists, actors, actresses, authors, etc. The school provides
    complete guidance to its students to be creative in their approach to complete personality
    The school is located in the beautiful landscapes of Mussoorie hills, Uttarakhand. The climate
    of this place is quite favorable for the students, especially for the students who belong abroad.
    The students get a natural environment for peaceful study here. One of the best parts of the
    school is the teaching staff of it. The teachers here are extremely passionate about their
    profession. The teaching methodologies that are used at Woodstock are of international level.
    In terms of accommodation, Woodstock school does its best to provide world-class facilities
    to its students. Starting from hostel facility to mess, library, sports, medical, etc. the students
    are accommodated with all kinds of facilities that you want from a boarding school. The
    students studying in Woodstock evolved themselves as a responsible and disciplined person
    which help them in their future.
    The students at Woodstock get great opportunities to improve their skills through various
    after-class activities. The school provides everything, that you expect to get from a top-level
    boarding school. It offers from cooking to art programs, to exercise after school hours. In
    short, Woodstock, Mussoorie gives all possible chances to improve your skills and abilities to
    meet the competitive world in the future.

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