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What are the formulas of trigonometry?. What formulas for trigonometry students have to study for class 10?. Please give me complete trigonometry formulas pdf.

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Hello, Trigonometry is a very important chapter for class 10 for CBSE/ICSE Board students, if someone finding it difficult to learn all the trigonometry formulas for class 10th. You can write all the trigonometry formulas on one paper and paste it some where you visit often, and read it as many times as you can in a single day. Please can someone share pdf  containing all the formulas for class 10th.


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  1. Trigonometry Formulas pdf:-

    In this link, you can find trigonometry formulas pdf.

    Trigonometric Ratios:-

    These are the Ratios you have to learn to solve the basic trigonometry questions.

    Sinθ= P/H.

    Cosθ= B/H.

    tanθ= P/B.

    Cosecθ= H/P.

    Secθ = H/B.

    Cotθ= B/P.

    Trigonometry Reciprocal Ratios:-

    Sinθ = 1/Cosecθ                       Cosecθ = 1/Sinθ


    Cosθ = 1/Secθ                            Secθ = 1/Cosθ


    Tanθ = 1/Cotθ                            Cotθ = 1/Tanθ

    Trigonometry Formulas/ Identities:-

    These are the three main identities you have to learn in class 10th. These are very important identities bases on which further trigonometry is based on.

    1. cos2θ + sinθ = 1
    2. 1 + tanθ = secθ
    3. 1 + cotθ = cosecθ
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