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The vertices of a triangle ABC are (3,8) , B(-1,2), C(6-6). Find: 1. The slope of BC , 2.Equation of a line perpendicular to BC and passing through A

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  1. (1) Slope of BC, B(-1,2), C(6,-6)

    m= y2-y1/x2-x1

    m= -6-2/6+1

    = -8/7


    Let AD⊥ BC

    (slope of AC)( slope of BC) = -1

    (m1)(-8/7) = -1

    (m1) = 7/8

    And AD is passing through A(3,8)

    equation of a line

    (y-y1)= m1(x – x1)

    y-8= 7/8(x-3)

    8y-64= 7x-21



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