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The production of a TV in a factory increases uniformly by a fixed number every year. It produced 8000 acts in 6th year and 11300 in 9th year. Find the production in (i) first year (ii) 8th year (iii)6th year Hint = S_n=n/2(a+l)=6/2(2500+8000)=31500

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ICSE & CBSE Board Question Based on Arithmetic Progression of RS Aggarwal
Here An AP in the form of Production of TV is given Here the act of 6th and 9th term is given
You have to find the production in
(i)first year
(ii)8th year
(iii)6th year
This is the Question Number 33 Of Exercise 11 C of RS Aggarwal Solution.


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  1. According to the question
    Solution :-
    Solving the two will give you y=1100
    Putting the value of d in any of the equations
    will give x=2500
    (a) 2500
    (b) x+7y=2500+7×1100=10200
    (6) x+5y=2500+5×1100=8000

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