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The mid-point of the line segment AB shown in the adjoining diagram is (4, – 3). Write down the co-ordinates of A and B.

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This is the Important question of class 10 Based on Section Formula Chapter of M.L Aggarwal book for ICSE BOARD.
Here the mid-point of a line segment shown in the adjoining diagram . Write down the co-ordinates asked in question.
This is the Question Number 33, Exercise 11 of M.L Aggarwal.


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  1. Let P(4,-3) be the midpoint of line joining the points A and B.

    Since A lies on X axis, its co-ordinates are (x2,0)

    Since B lies on Y axis, its co-ordinates are (0,y1)

    By midpoint formula, x = (x1+x2)/2

    4 = (0+x2)/2

    x= 4×2 = 8

    By midpoint formula, y = (y1+y2)/2

    -3 = (y1+0)/2

    y= -3×2 = -6

    Hence the co-ordinates of A and B are (8,0)and (0,-6) respectively.

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