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Question 2. A point P is at a distance 13 cm from the centre C of a circle and PT is a tangent to the given circle. If PT = 12 cm, find the radius of the circle.

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One of the most important and exam oriented question from Chapter name- circles
Topic – Angle properties of circles
Chapter number- 15

In this question a point outside the circle with distance is given, also length of tangent from that point to the circle also given and we have to find the radius of circle.
ICSE Avichal publication
Understanding ICSE Mathematics
Question 2, exercise 15.3


2 Answers

  1. Using Pythagoras theorem

    H² = P² + B²

    (13)² = (12)² + (r)²

    169-144 = r²

    25 = r²

    ∴ r= 5cm

    I hope this will help

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