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In the given figure, a rectangular tin foil of size 22 cm by 16 cm is wrapped around to form a cylinder of height 16 cm. Find the volume of the cylinder.

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This question is Based on Mensuration Chapter of M.L Aggarwal book for ICSE BOARD for class 10.
This figure is of a rectangular tin foil with its given size and it is wrapped around to form a cylinder with given height. So, find the volume of the cylinder.
This is the Question Number 04, Exercise 17.1 of M.L Aggarwal.


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    Given height of the cylinder, h = 16 cm

    When rectangular foil of length 22 cm is folded to form cylinder, the base circumference of the cylinder is 22cm

    2πr = 22

    r = 22×7/22×2

    = 3.5 cm

    Volume of the cylinder, V = πr2h

    = (22/7)×3.52×16

    = 616 cm3

    Hence the volume of the cylinder is 616 cm3.

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