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In the given figure, from an external point P, two tangents PQ and PR are drawn to a circle of radius 4 cm with Centre O. If ∠QPR = 90° , then length of PQ is

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CBSE 10th Class Mathematics
Past year question paper
Year 2020
SET 1, Code Number  – 30/2/1
Question Number –  10
Tangent and circle relation
Pythagoras rule


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    Looking to the figure, we can understand that OQ is perpendicular to QP,
    Similarly, OR is perpendicular to PR.

    consider the tangents PQ and PR, we get,
    PQ = PR……..(tangent from a same point that is P)

    AC = BC = 4 cm ………..(radius of the circle)

    By considering all the above points, we can prove it that it is a square
    So, PQOR is a square.
    So since it is a square, so all the sides are same,
    OQ = OR = RP = QP

    ∴ QP = 4 cm



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