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How many balls, each of radius 1 cm, can be made from a solid sphere of lead of radius 8 cm?

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I am doing this question of mensuration which is very important for class 10 cbse board exam. In this question we have to find number of balls of radius 1cm formed from a sphere of radius 8 cm.

please someone provide me solition !


1 Answer

  1. A solid sphere of radius, R = 8 cm


    With this sphere, we have to make spherical balls of radius r = 1 cm


    Let’s assume that the number of balls made as n


    Then, we know that


    Volume of the sphere = 4/3 πr3


    The volume of the solid sphere = sum of the volumes of n spherical balls.


    n x 4/3 πr3 = 4/3 πR3


    n x 4/3 π(1)3 = 4/3 π(8)3


    n = 83 = 512


    Therefore, 512 balls can be made of radius 1 cm each with a solid sphe re of radius 8 cm.

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