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Hi, I want a good boarding school for my child. Is The Doon School, Dehradun a good school? I want to know if it worth the 10 lakh fees, or if it’s overrated.

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Hi, I want a good boarding school for my son. He is presently studying in the fifth class. I have heard about many schools in Dehradun. Is The Doon School in Dehradun a good school? I want to know if it worth the 10 lakh fees, or if it’s overrated. I am aware that it has a great alumni, but it’s a little too costly for me. Also,  I want to know if the Welhams Boys school and Woodstock school are good options.


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  1. Doon school is NOT overrated. 

    In my opinion, it is one of the best schools, in not only the whole city or country, but the whole planet. It has a campus area of 72 Acres. As a comparison, IIT Delhi has an area of just 50 acres.

    Also, the Doon School Old Boys Society supports doscos (alumni) around the world. It is considered the second best alumni association in The whole world, just after the alumni association of Harvard Business School (The oldest and most prestigious University in United States of America).

    Doon school is no wonder an awesome school. Probably the best there is! If you have a choice of being a student of the best Alma Mater, why to lose that chance and go for a worse school.

    And If you are confused with different boarding or residential schools, don’t worry at all, TrueMaths is there to Solve your Problems. With Excellent Teachers and Faculty get your entrance exam preparation to an Advanced Level.

    TrueMaths conducts Mock Tests for Doon school. Many sample papers are available for the doon school entrance exam at TRUEMATHS.

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  2. What’s so Special about Doon School, Dehradun.

    It is surely the best School of India!
     The doon can be rated as the best international
    school in India.It is one of the best schools known not only for its academics but an all-round development.
    The location is astonishing and refreshing, which makes you fall in love with beautiful natural ambience.
    The environment of the school includes its diverse nature of kids along with curricular and extra-curricular activities which makes it special in some ways.

    Attractive extra-curricular activities for multi-dimensional development of the young leaders of top include:
    Mountaineering etc.
    These activities are included in the student curriculum. The school is also known for its academic, cultural and athletic pursuits.
    This School is known for its quality of education and disciplined pursuits. The most important thing about the doon school is the learning curriculum which makes the students better humans.

    Their aim is to build a community( and work together as a team) in which each and every individual has responsibilities. The school has provided inspiring role models to students of the present and in the future with some eminent alumnus.
    They have a community of teachers, students, residence and administrative staff, and local employees, many of whose families have been affiliated with the awesome school for generations.
     Have some doubts? call us now!


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