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Find the area of the quadrilateral ABCD, whose vertices are A(1,0),B(5,3),C(2,7) and D(−2,4).

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In this question, we have to find the area of the quadrilateral whose coordinates of 4 vertices are given to us as  A(1,0),B(5,3),C(2,7) and D(−2,4). I don’t know how to solve this question, i don’t even know which formula to apply. can someone solve this question for me if someone can upload the video solution that would be very grateful. also give me formulas sheet.


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  1. Area of a quadrilateral=1/2[(x1y2+x2y3+x3y4+x4y1)(x2y1+x3y2+x4y3+x1y4)]

    x1=1,x2=5,x3=2,x4=2,y1=0,y2=3,y3=7 and y4=4

    Area of a quadrilateral=1/2


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