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Factorize:(ii) 2×2+7x+3 Q.4(2)

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What is the simple way for solving the question of class 9th ncert book of Polynomials chapter of exercise 2.4. How i solve this question in simple way give me the tricky way for solving this question Factorize:(ii) 2×2+7x+3


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  1. Using the splitting the middle term method,

    We have to find a number whose sum = 7 and product = 2×3 = 6

    We get 6 and 1 as the numbers [6+1 = 7 and 6×1 = 6]

    2x2+7x+3 = 2x2+6x+1x+3

    = 2x (x+3)+1(x+3)

    = (2x+1)(x+3)

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