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Equation of a straight line

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OABC is a square ,O is the origin and the points A and B are (3,0) and (p,q). If OABC lies in the first quadrant , find the values of p and q . Also write down the equations of AB and BC


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  1. Because point A us 3 units away from y-axis, and all sides of a square are equal.

    ∴ C must be 3 units away from x-axis

    & B must be 3 units away from both x and y axis

    ∴ coordinates of B (3,3)

    ∴ p= 3, q= 3

    Equation of line AB

    as AB passes through (3,0)

    ∴ x=3 (equation of AB)


    BC passes through (0,3)

    ∴ y= 3 ( equation of BC)


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