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(b) In the figure (ii) given below, I is the incentre of ∆ABC. AI produced meets the circumcircle of ∆ABC at D. Given that ∠ABC = 55° and ∠ACB = 65°, calculate (i) ∠BCD (ii) ∠CBD (iii) ∠DCI (iv) ∠BIC.

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This is circle based question from Chapter name- circles
Topic – Angle properties of circles
Chapter number- 15

In this question we have been given the figure of circle with certain information about the angles and we have to find the value of (i) ∠BCD (ii) ∠CBD (iii) ∠DCI  (iv) ∠BIC

ICSE Avichal publication
Understanding ICSE Mathematics
Question no 10(b)


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