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An oil funnel made of tin sheet consists of a 10 cm long cylindrical portion attached to a frustum of a cone. If the total height is 22 cm, diameter of the cylindrical portion is 8 cm and the diameter of the top of the funnel is 18 cm, then find the area of the tin sheet required to make the funnel

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Question from RS Aggarwal book, problem number 21, page number 824, exercise 17C, chapter volume and surface area of solid.

Chapter Mensuration


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  1. solution

    given data

    Height of the cylindrical portion, h=10 cm

    Height of the frustum of cone portion, H=22-10=12 cm

    Radius of the cylindical portion=Radius of smaller end of frustum portion, r=8/2=4

    Radius of larger end of frustum portion, R=182=9 cm

    the slant height of the frustum,

    l= √[[R-r]²+H²]

    = √[[9-4]²+12²]

    = √[5²+12]²



    l =13 cm

    The area of the tin sheet required= CSA of frustum part + CSA of cylindrical part


    =[22/7]×[9+4]×13 + [2×[22/7]×4×10

    =[22/7]×13×13 + [[22/7]×80



    = 782.57 cm²

    ∴ the area of the tin sheet required to make the funnel is 782.57 cm²

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