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An electric geyser is cylindrical in shape, having a diameter of 35 cm and height 1.2m. Neglecting the thickness of its walls, calculate (i) its outer lateral surface area, (ii) its capacity in litres.

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An Important Question of class 10 Based on Mensuration Chapter of M.L Aggarwal for ICSE BOARD.
Here a cylindrical shape geyser is given with its diameter and height
Find its outer lateral surface area and its capacity in litres.
This is the Question Number 02, Exercise 17.1 of M.L Aggarwal.


1 Answer

  1. Given diameter of the cylinder, d = 35 cm

    radius, r = d/2 = 35/2 = 17.5 cm

    Height of the cylinder, h = 1.2 m = 120 cm

    (i)Outer lateral surface area = 2rh

    = 2×(22/7)×17.5×120

    = 13200 cm2

    (ii)Capacity of the cylinder = r2h

    = (22/7)×17.52×120

    = 115500 cm3

    = 115.5 litres [∵1000 cm3 = 1 litre]

    Hence the outer lateral surface area and the capacity of the cylinder is 13200 cm2 and 115.5 litres respectively.

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