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If ax = by = cz; prove that x²/yz+y²/zx+z²/xy=bc/a²+ca/b²+ab/c²

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exam oriented an important question from ML aggarwal, class 10th, chapter 7, ratio and proportion, Avichal publication

We hve that  ax = by = cz;

And we have to prove that x²/yz+y²/zx+z²/xy=bc/a²+ca/b²+ab/c²

Question 18, exercise 7.2


1 Answer

  1. Solution:

    Consider ax = by = cz = k

    It can be written as

    x = k/a, y = k/b, z = k/c

    ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 10 Chapter 7 Image 12

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