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How many spherical bullets each of 5 cm in diameter can be cast from a rectangular block of metal 11dm x 1 m x 5 dm?

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In this question we have toh find number of bullets of 5 cm daimeter which can be cast from rectangular block.

This question is from maths class 10  rd sharma chapter 16 and exercise 16.1

Please someone provide me solution.


1 Answer

  1. A metallic block of dimension 11dm x 1m x 5dm

    The diameter of each bullet = 5 cm

    We know that,

    Volume of the sphere = 4/3 πr3

    Since, 1 dm = 10-1m = 0.1 m

    The volume of the rectangular block = 1.1 x 1 x 0.5 = 0.55 m3

    Radius of the bullet = 5/2 = 2.5 cm

    Let the number of bullets made from the rectangular block be n.

    Then from the question,

    The volume of the rectangular block = sum of the volumes of the n spherical bullets

    0.55 = n x 4/3 π(2.5)3

    Solving for n, we have

    n = 8400

    Therefore, 8400 can be cast from the rectangular block of metal.

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