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Find the remainder (without division) on dividing f(x) by (2x+1) where f(x)=4x 2 +5x+3

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This is an important question from ML Aggarwal book, Avichal Publication in which we have been asked to find the remainder on dividing by 2x+1 of given polynomial

Factorisation chapter 6, question no 3(i)


1 Answer

  1. Let us assume 2x+1=0
    By remainder theorem, when f(x) is divided by (2x+1)
    Remainder r=f(−1/2)=4(−1/2)2+5(−1/2)+3
    =4×1/4 −5/2 +3
    =1– 5/2+3

    Hence the remainder is 3/2

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