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An electronic device makes a beep after every 60 sec. Another device makes a beep after every 62 sec. They beeped together at 10 a.m. At what time will they beep together at the earliest ?

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One of the most important and conceptual question from real numbers in which we have given two electronic device and one device beeps after every 60 seconds and other one beeps after every 62 seconds. We have to find at what time will they beep together at the earliest if they already  beep together at 10 a.m.

Kindly solve the above problem in detail

RS Aggarwal, Class 10, chapter 1B, question no 25


1 Answer

  1. Beep Duration of first device =60 seconds
    Beep Duration of Second device =62 seconds

    To find the interval of beeping together , we need to find the LCM of 60 and 62 first.

    LCM =2×2×3×5×31=1860seconds

    Convert time into min

    160sec=1860/60 mins  =31 min
    electronic devices will beep after very 31 minutes.
    hence , both device will together again beep at 10:31 am again

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