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50 circular plates each of diameter 14 cm and thickness 0.5 cm are placed one above the other to form a right circular cylinder. Find its total surface area.

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Very important question of mensuration including very important concept of it.
need solution!
Rd sharma class 10 maths exercise-16.1 mensuration
In this question we have to find total surface area of 50 circular plates of diameter 14cm and thickness 0.5cm placed one above the another.


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  1. Given,

    50 circular plates each with diameter 14 cm

    Radius of circular plates = 7cm

    Thickness of plates = 0.5 cm

    As these plates are one above the other, the total thickness of all the plates = 0.5 x 50 = 25 cm

    So, the total surface area of the right circular cylinder formed = 2πr × h + 2πr2

    = 2πr (h + r)

    = 2(22/7) x 7 x (25 + 7)

    = 2 x 22 x 32 = 1408 cm2

    Therefore, the total surface area of the cylinder is 1408 cm2

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