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2.2 cubic dm of brass is to be drawn into a cylindrical wire of 0.25 cm in diameter. Find the length of the wire?

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This question is of chapter 16, exercise 16.1 mensuration from rd sharma.

In this question we have to find length of the wire. Please someone provide me solution.


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  1. 2.2 dm3 of brass is to be drawn into a cylindrical wire of Diameter = 0.25 cm

    So, radius of the wire (r) = d/2

    = 0.25/2 = 0.125*10-2 cm

    Now, 1 cm = 0.01 m

    So, 0.1cm = 0.001 m

    Let the length of the wire be (h)

    We know that,

    Volume of the cylinder = πr2h

    It’s understood that,

    Volume of cylindrical wire = Volume of brass of 2.2 dm3

    R D Sharma Solutions For Class 10 Maths Chapter 16 Surface Areas And Volumes ex 16.1 - 2

    h = 448 m

    Therefore, the length of the cylindrical wire drawn is 448 m

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